The town of Methana

The Methana town is a coastal resort area, often unknown to the most. It is a romantic destination, mainly for family and alternative tourism, where simplicity, contact with nature and clean beaches prevails. It is an area which lacks the intense tourism environment, but is ideal for those looking for real relaxation, tranquility and the desire to explore the area inch by inch and discover its true beauty.

Methana starts from the wooded islet of Ag. Anargyroi and continues with its beautiful promenade, on which are all the shops and the accommodations.

The islet of St. Anargyroi is a small peninsula on the entrance of the city, opposite Vromolimni and next to the place where the boats moor in Methana. It is planted with trees and around this there is a very nice paved road, suitable for romantic afternoon and night walks. On the island is the church of St. Anargyroi and some remains of an ancient fortification of classical and archaic times. Under the church there are remains of the Cyclopean Walls of the 6th century. B.C.

Next to the small island of St. Anargyroi there is the sandy beach of St. Anargyroi and then the coast that crosses Methana town and after about 1.5 km. it leads to the greatest and most touristic beach of the peninsula, the "Limniona", an organised beach with sand and pebbles and sand in the sea.

All the shops of Methana, traditional restaurants-taverns, ouzo-taverns, cafe, bar and beach bar are located on the promenade, with tables on the sea front, for beautiful nights.

Methana has good tourist infrastructure and though not distinguished for its nightlife, there are youth hangouts, which will satisfy you perfectly.

Methana is famous for its thermal springs and baths, which for many years is an attraction of spa tourism. They operate in Methana spas with sulphurous water, natural water, chlorinated water and radium waters.

At Methana there is and organized and very safe marina for those with private boats to moor. Also Methana are offered for sports and water activities, through the Nautical Club of Methana.

Methana is a wonderful destination, a breath away from Athens, ideal place for family and safe holiday, where you can improve your health and walk paths in untouched natural surroundings and simultaneously have fun with sailing, upbeat, canoe and kayak slalom at the Yacht Club Methana.

The beach of Methana