What we offer in La Piedra

The best coffee

All the kinds of coffee or tea, excellent chocolate


Wonderful sorbet & natural juices, all milkshake flavors

Ice cream / Sweets

Delicious pastries and waffles, ice cream, yogurt and fruit salad


Original cocktails & beverages, soft drinks and beers

Baguettes and toast with ham and cheese or turkey & cheese, that can be added tomato or mayonnaise

About us

All day hangout at the beach of Methana, just opposite from the main square "Iroon" and in front of the seafront

Enjoy your coffee on the pavement of the square, along with a waffle or ice cream & the most delicious pastries we have

In La Piedra you can try every night different wonderful authentic drinks and cocktails, in a modern and special place

"La Piedra" from the morning to afternoon is a beautiful cafe-bar to have your coffee, a snack or chocolate and, as the night falls, becomes a night bar to enjoy your drink or beverage.


Entra al ritmo del baile

La Piedra

We have created a special hangout for lovers of high entertainment! The La Piedra.

We are in the coastal road and opposite from the islet of Agioi Anargiroi and the sandy beach of Methana, in direct access from all.

This is a welcoming space entertainment bar made with a lot of enthusiasm, ready to satisfy your every mood in a very friendly and warm environment!

Modern, pleasant people and styles surrounded by excellent service and prices are the features that make La Piedra stand out in Methana as a benchmark in quality entertainment!

At our Café - Cocktail Bar, you can expect to relax and enjoy your coffee or cocktail all day from 9 in the morning until late at night, while enjoying modern quality music.